Porcelain versus Ceramic

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It’s decision making time. As if it wasn’t bad enough deciding which colors you want in your new space, now you have to decide if you want porcelain tile or ceramic tile. What’s the difference anyway? 

Both types of tile are made from clay and both are fired in a kiln but the clay used in porcelain tile is purified and more refined. 

Porcelain versus Ceramic

Porcelain Tile -

Because of the ‘better’ clay used in making the porcelain tiles, it’s more expensive but the quality is better too. This tile is thicker and it’s resistant to staining. Porcelain tile can handle heavy traffic flow situations so it’s ideal for flooring. 

Porcelain versus Ceramic

Ceramic Tile – 

Ceramic tile is available in glazed or unglazed versions and there is a rainbow of colors to choose from. Ceramic tile is easier to cut with a wet saw or even by hand so do-it-yourselfers often choose ceramic for that reason. Ceramic tile is a great choice for wall applications.

Porcelain versus Ceramic

Always check the PEI rating before you buy any kind of tile. PEI stands for Porcelain Enamel Institute and the rating identifies the hardness and durability for tile. Most ceramic tile has a PEI rating of 0 to 3 which means it can only handle very light to moderate traffic. Porcelain tile can be purchased up to a class 5 which is sturdy enough to handle heavy to extra heavy traffic. 

Making an educated decision is always the best way to go when choosing tile. If you have questions Watertown Tile Shop is always here for you. 

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Porcelain versus Ceramic