Small Bathrooms


Choosing tile for your small bathroom project can be tricky. Aside from having to choose the perfect style, color and material type, an important factor is determining what size tile to use for your space. In order to make the room seem bigger and brighter, take these suggestions into consideration; 

-Diagonal tile makes small bathrooms appear larger. It’s actually a visual trick on the eyes.

-Light colors make a small room appear larger. It’s still okay to mix in darker colors, just ensure you go with at least 50% at a lighter shade. 

-Choosing light wall and floor tiles will reflect more light, thus brightening up the room. 

-Larger tiles have fewer grout lines, eliminating a boxy feel. Less grout also means less cleaning. 

-You can add interest and detail to a small space by using border tiles. 

When your tile project is complete you won’t believe your eyes. Your once small bathroom won’t seem so small anymore. By adding the right color, size and type of tile, you will create a hygienic space that’s easy to clean and you will add value to your home at the same time. 

Small Bathrooms

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Small Bathrooms

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Small Bathrooms