Tying Aftermarket Jacuzzis into Your Home


For many people an aftermarket Jacuzzi, while quite relaxing, can be an eyesore. However, it does not have to be. In fact, it can be tied into your home’s décor quite affordably. Through the use of stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile, you can give your backyard or porch the elegant and comfortable look that creates an aesthetic you will appreciate every day. Below are a few recommended tile ideas for accomplishing this from the friendly staff at Watertown Tile.

A Mediterranean Look

For a touch of Mediterranean class, try using a collection of stone tiles for the porch and stepping stones through grass, mulched gardens, or other landscaping. Tiling short walls with stone tiles capped with slate or another stone selection can be a great way to bring an entire garden or yard together. For the Jacuzzi, consider constructing a thin wall to enclose it and using stone tiles to tie the aesthetic into the rest of the yard, giving it that Mediterranean look that could so easily accompany olive trees. The lip of the Jacuzzi’s top can easily be covered with a wooden rim tiled using the same stone.

A Rustic Touch

Many modern home owners are interested in adding a rustic feel to their home or cabin and creating an isolated yet somewhat wild atmosphere. The use of trees can make this very realistic, but attention to detail is required for the best results. At Watertown Tile, we recommend a combination of wood or Trex for the porch and stone tile for stepping stones and low walls. This includes the wall surrounding your aftermarket Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi’s lip can then be covered with rough or smooth wood or Trex, offering both added seating and stability.

Roman Class

Other aftermarket Jacuzzi owners want class that goes back ages. For this we recommend selecting a ceramic tile and applying it throughout on walls and floors. Use a lighter grout to accentuate the look. Incorporating one of many decorative ceramic tile designs in corners, rounded columns, and accentuated edges can give your outdoor haven a unique feel. To finish this Roman look, a marble surround atop the sides of your Jacuzzi can give the final desired touch of class.

To begin this project in your home or get assistance coming up with a unique design, contact Watertown Tile today.

 Jacuzzi in Your Home

Tying Aftermarket Jacuzzis into Your Home