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Tiled Porch Ideas

Tile isn’t just for inside your home. Did you know you can lay tile outside of your home, too? Certain areas outside your home are just as capable of handling, and looking great with tile, as indoor areas. The most common areas to tile outside are the back porch or deck the front porch.

While it’s true that tile doesn’t work in all outdoor areas; there are some areas that not only can handle tile, but look better with it. Two of the most popular tiles to set outside the home are; porcelain and ceramic tile.

One outdoor area that works well with tile is a back porch. You can lay either porcelain tile or ceramic tile on the porch. To add flare, you can even choose to tile a wall with the same tile and design.   

Tiled Porch Ideas:

Create a pattern that flows with the style of your home. Choose a color that flows to the inside of your home and blends easily with the indoor flooring. You can use stone or slate tile to add a dramatic look.

If you want to add color, pattern and flare, use Mosaic tiles, model Coastal Keystones by DalTile. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns that will spruce up any porch and outdoor living space. Or, while coordinating color themes from inside your home, lay folk art ceramic tiles to spruce up your porch.

One consideration is the amount of traffic your porch gets. You won’t want to lay glass tile, untreated tile, or hand-painted tile where excessive foot traffic can damage it.

Porch Design Ideas

Interlocking Deck Tiles:

If you’re one who doesn’t like the hard work and mess of tiling, Interlocking tiles are an easy, attractive option for any deck or walkway. You can choose your design, to create a unique look for a porch, deck, or the border.

You can create your idea without major effort or costs, while giving your home a clean, finished look. 

Outdoor Porch Tiles