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There are very few people who are capable of resisting the charm of an Oriental fairy tale. Since our childhood we’ve been fascinated by “The Arabian Nights” and imagined ourselves lying on silk cushions and enjoying a chillum. Well, some people are eager to make this fantasy a reality and so they fill their homes with attributes of the Oriental style. If you are eager to bring some charm and exoticism of Orient to your house follow our tips on how to create an Oriental interior design. 

One of the most characteristic features of Oriental interiors is the abundance of hovels.  The walls are never solid and all of them have hovels filled with statues, altars, candles or various other decorative elements. You can even consider putting a mirror in such a niche; just make sure it resembles a dome at the top. 

If you prefer to stick to an Arab style you should carefully consider what colours to use in your interior design. The Arabs are known for their lust for golden and purple tones. These are the colours of unalloyed luxury, prosperity and well-being. If you want to create that look in your room, there’s no better way of doing so than by means of these colours and expensive fabrics. 

Since we touched the topic of fabrics, it won’t hurt to mention that an Oriental interior design requires only chic and expensive materials. You can decorate your sofa with a multitude of cushions; just make sure they are covered with silk, satin or organza. By the way, the sofa has to be a special one too. It’s not the thing we are used to, oriental sofas are all very low, and usually they have baldachins above them. 

Testers or baldachins are probably the most appealing details of an Oriental interior design. Lots of people decide to add some Oriental charm particularly by means of a baldachin. It has different forms and variations and looks like a little dome above the bed, made of beautiful fabrics. It is worth noting that this detail is also characteristic for European interiors, but in its European form baldachins are more formal and reserved. In an Oriental interior a baldachin is an irreplaceable detail that adds certain charm and intimacy to the room. It is usually made of beautiful and transparent fabric that looks gorgeous in candle light. 

As a conclusion it should be said that when you are considering adding some exoticism to your room, don’t mix different styles, seeing as Oriental style is a general notion comprising lots of trends. 

Oriental interior design