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If you have a beach house or just want to redesign a bathroom in a beach theme, ceramic tile is the material for you. Durable, mildew and stain free, it’s easy to clean, available in many colors and it will definitely stand the test of time. 

Color Matters

The goal of a proper beach house or space is to invent a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. You can do this by choosing two colors for your tile and alternating the pattern or by choosing only one color and mixing it up with the paint or other decorations in the room. Red, black or dark colors are completely out. Limit your choices to cool greens, aqua blues or basic whites and tans to keep the area relaxing and spacious looking. 

Tile Design 

You can also jazz up your design by adding tiles with engraving on them as accent pieces. Palm trees or seashells would look great on a boarder. But if you are choosing a pattern for on your tiles, go easy on the amount of detail in the tile or the design will seem overwhelming. The same goes for the pattern you choose to put the floor tiles in. Alternating two different sizes or colors of tiles can work out but keep it simple so the eyes do not get distracted. 


For a fun and playful beach bathroom you could consider putting in bright, mosaic tile on the shower floor. This adds some color and style to a bathroom. Mosaic tile is also recommended for small bathroom floors as the one inch tiles somehow manage to make the room look bigger. Get some tile samples and see what looks best. Don’t be afraid to break a few rules, it’s your space and only you know what you like best. 

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It doesn’t matter if you have a house on the ocean or if you’re a city slicker, you can still have a beach house or a fun, beach themed room. The whole object of the beach design is to create a calm, relaxing, airy space. Tile, color, texture and accessories will help you achieve the look you’ve been looking for. Call us today or stop in for assistance with tile design, tile installation or with help in choosing the perfect tile for your space. 

Beach Style Tile

Beach Style Tile