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Let’s face it, the kitchen is the heart of home and it’s the space where everyone gathers on a daily basis. Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee before day begins or a late night snack, the kitchen is an active, high-traffic room. With this being the case it only makes sense to decorate it accordingly. Show your personal style and tie in all the other rooms in the house. Make a statement with a back splash designed by you! Contact our tile store today!


A backsplash is a great way to show off your unique style but it also severs a purpose. If you’ve ever splashed spaghetti sauce or chili on a wall you know what I’m talking about. Food stains can be difficult to wipe off of paint and frequent painting is no fun either. With a ceramic or glass tile back splash you can easily wipe away food or drink splashes and with very little effort keep your tiles looking good for a long time. 


Tile is great way to add value to your home. Choose a timeless design and your kitchen with have beauty and functionality for years to come. If you don’t think you’ll be in a space forever, design with neutral colors and decorate around it. If you plan on living in the same house forever, go crazy. Choose colors that make you happy and make the kitchen a refreshing, interesting space that defines your personality. A tile backsplash can preserve the beauty and quality of your home while being a great investment. 

Go Professional

Tile installation is popular in the DIY community and you can do it yourself but know what you’re doing before you begin. Tile installation involves measuring, purchasing the correct amount of materials and having tools available for cutting tiles. If any or all of that sounds confusing or like it’s too much work, call us! We would be happy to help with everything from the tile and grout selection to our professional installation. 

Back Splash Basics

Back Splash Basics