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The place of solitude, the place of nirvana

Each of us all the time tends to reach a certain comfort in the house, which will respond to our needs, tastes and expectations. Without the nuances that we imagine, our house loses identity, and in a natural way, loses an opportunity to become a true dream house. The hallmarks of a dream house are the details that form a comfortable, cozy apartment, making it not just a house, but a home.

Obviously, every apartment has such facilities as a balcony or a pantry, which are visited occasionally, and which carry almost no emotional or heartwarming energy. And there are those, like say, a bathroom, which receive all the family members, without exception, and not just once or twice during the day. It is impossible to dispute the fact that we cannot experience the satisfaction of being in the bathroom if it is not equipped with the very latest technology, in accordance with the latest trends. It is a place where each of us gets an amazing opportunity to truly enjoy the solitude, peace and harmony of mind. It seems like this place exists separately from all other world, because only there you have the absolute right to be alone and to benefit an inconceivable pleasure from it.

So do not regret the finance to build the ideal bathroom, among the other rooms it should have an exclusive right on every kind of spending. After all, sometimes it may be the only room in the house where you will feel yourself at home. 

Modern bathroom

The attainment perfection: purify the karma, decorate the bathroom

Before you start building the perfect modern bathroom, you should initially consider all the details, foresee every little thing and, of course, determine the single style. First and foremost, you should take care about the technical details. If the plumbing could be performed by a professional and you have no reasons to be worried for the result, you can start deploying vigorous activity in the decoration. Do not be afraid to stand out, but rather avoid improvisation. Such things are better to be planned, because there are less than a few people who would like to repeat the reparation works in their bathroom several times a year. In the chase for a perfect bathroom one could cease to believe in his own powers and invite a designer. These guys are usually reliable and in 9 cases out of 10 can perform a fine work which will eventually please you. However, if you are not ready to settle for the least, if you are brave and courageous enough, you can start the décor of your bathroom on your own, making either a great job and a plausible victory or a satisfactory job and an eminent reason to be proud of yourself.

And if you are ready to start your own path, you should be aware of the fact that the most vital material of the bathroom, whether it is the floor or the walls, we are talking about tiles. The tiles possess a variety of important qualities, which make them the number one choice: resistance to abrasion, resistance to weathering, hygienic, fire resistance, mechanical strikes resistance and frost resistance.

And, the last but not the least, tiles can play the role of the perfect décor elements, which will make your bathroom inimitable. Naturally, the bathroom tiles should match a calm color range, to help bathroom to perform its duty as a relaxation place responsibly. The imagination is truly limitless when choosing tiles, it could be narrowed only by someone’s preferences. 

Modern bathroom

In view of the fact that today in construction stores they have a particularly high abundance of tiles: wall tiles, floor tiles, in addition to interest many Italian tiles and many other types of decorative tile, interior designer or your imagination will be able to provide you with a truly distinctive interior. The process of choosing the bathroom tiles is not only responsible, it could be exhausting, especially when the range is so immensely huge. However, there is some good news - as soon as the tiles are selected, the most intricate part will be left behind. Only if you are not inspired with terror when it comes to the selection of a mirror. 

In any case, we offer you a set of fairly obvious, but tremendously useful and for some reason frequently neglected tips that will make the selection of tiles a piece of pie. 

1. When buying tiles, it is desirable to have a photograph of your bathroom alongside with you. This will help sellers assess the extent of the repair works you are up to and, therefore, there would have more data to give advices.

2. Decide on the material your new tiles should consist of. Carefully assess the store assortment. Options can be set from the following: tile, glass, mosaic, porcelain, tiles made of natural stone (marble, slate, granite, etc.), ceramic tile. And this list is not even close to exhausting all the possible opportunities.

Glazed ceramic tile is often used in the interior of the bathroom. It is waterproof and relatively inexpensive. If you stop your choice on a hot plate of some other material, do not forget to ensure its water-repellent properties. The process of laying and replacing such tiles is quite simple due to the fact that they are made of relatively soft material, and therefore they are easy to cut. Natural stone will be also an exceptionally interesting solution for an interior of a modern cozy bathroom, provided that you can afford it. It should be noted that the laying stone tiles are expensive, too. In short, you should choose the store which will fit both for your interior and for your purse.

3. Immediately decide what size of tile you are going to use: small, medium or large. Large tiles are the best to put in the spacious bathrooms, especially if it is decorated with a repeating pattern. In addition, large tiles visually increase room, so for the average bathroom they are fine too.

4. Decide what color the interior of your bathroom is going to be, which color corresponds you the most, which one is the most pleasant for your gaze. Traditionally considered to be the most popular: ivory, almond, black, and other neutral tones. However, do not be afraid to use more bold colors, you can even experiment with colorful tiles, matching them. When choosing a color scheme, consider what color your plumbing is. Take care that it is in harmony with your future tiles. Do not buy a floor tile of dark colors when the room is small. The room will look tiny.

5. Before making a choice, decide on the texture tiles, depending on where it will be located. If the tiles are designed for the floor, especially on the outside of the bathtub, it should not become slippery because of the water. Tile shower should have a water-repellent and prevent mold growth. Used for countertops stronger tiles, as on the surface of the dressing table, has the maximum wear and tear.

6. Consider the likelihood that one day you may decide to sell the house. For this case, try to choose a tile that will appeal to a future buyer. The interior, which is dominated by portraits of your favorite cartoon characters , unlikely to please the new tenants.

7. Learn more information before moving on to the purchase and improvement of tile bathroom.

Recommendations for care:

Tile of small sizes looks great in the interior, but requires more care (it wastes more detergent). Take this into consideration when selecting the appropriate option for your bathroom. Grout is not treated properly, so there can be a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

Modern bathroom

Make sure the cleaner you have for the tile in your bathroom has a water repellent effect. This will significantly prolong its life. One would love to have a bathroom floor in ancient Roman style, while others will prefer a tile that mimics natural stone, making his bathroom look like a primeval cave. It does not matter whether the ordinary tile is laid in the bathroom or a modern mosaic, a bathroom should always be a place in the apartment that will appeal to all the members of the household, and of course, will provide them peaceful, blissful time of tranquility.

An elegant decor for a modern bathroom - the best tile solutions