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Floor Plan Instructions

  1. Draw an outline of your kitchen. Does not have to be perfect, scaled drawing is not required.  
  2. Mark locations of sink and oven or cooktop
  3. Measure and record the measurements of all surfaces

Additional information:

After receiving your quote, if you wish to continue your project, we will send someone out to measure your project.  A 50% deposit is required to move forward with the project prior to scheduling template date.

Please have the following completed in your home on template day. We will not proceed with your appointment if not in place and charges will be applied to reschedule.

1. Base cabinets needs to be installed

2. Sink that will be used

On template day, we will give you a two hour window. Our representatives will arrive during that time to begin measurements. We ask that you are there in person during the templating process to answer any questions and/or concern you or the templator may have.

The final price will be calculated based on the measurements taken on the jobsite.

Example for Sink Cut Out

Total Sq. Ft.*
Material* GraniteQuartzMarble
Kitchen Sink Cut Out*
Vanity Sink Cut Out*
Range Type*
Removal and Disposal of Current Counters* YesNo
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